I can support you in a number of ways and whilst I have the three packages listed below, these are flexible to ensure you receive the right support. I am currently offering my services at a reduced rate as I am a mentored Doula. 

Please keep reading if you'd like to know how I can be a part of your pregnancy, birth and the following weeks.


6 hours (3x 2hr 1:1 sessions) - £160

3 hour 1:1 session (can be broken down into 2x1.5hr sessions if preferred) - £90

Add on 4 weeks of support postpartum via WhatsApp/Text to this package for £150

These can cover a variety of topics and can be booked 1:1 or small groups. What we discuss can be tailored around you and what you’d like to get from them. Once we establish what information you would like, I can recommend the number of sessions you may need.

I have listed what we can cover below:

  • Vaginal and abdominal birth processes 

  • Interventions and pain relief 

  • Breast / chest feeding plus bottle feeding information 

  • Comfort techniques that can start pre birth 

  • Non-medicalised coping mechanisms including breathing techniques 

  • Discussing birth plan options and support in creating your own individual plan

  • The importance of the Golden Hour and how this can be achieved (as you can tell by the name of the club, this is one of my fave topics to cover!)

  • Planning the return home and / or a stay in hospital 

  • Phone and email support from booking until birth. Please see the postnatal package if you would like postnatal support.

    Please note that attending your birth is not included in this package (Please see my ‘About Me’ page as to why!). However, depending on your due date and your choice of birth location and birth type this may be possible so please do get in touch if this is something you feel you'd like my support on. 



12 hours (4x 3hr sessions) - £330

3 hour session - £100

If you would like to book me by the hour I can only offer this to clients within Bristol so please do get in touch if you would like to book.

If you book 12 hours, this includes 4 weeks of support postpartum via WhatsApp/Text (£150)

These can be booked in either individual 3 hour sessions or you can book 12 hours made up of 4 x 3 hour sessions. I recommend booking your first postnatal sessions within 7 days post-birth. I am able to visit you in hospital if you and/or your baby need to stay in a little longer or at home. 

These ‘sessions’ can cover:

  • Infant feeding - support and guidance with breast/chest feeding and/or bottle feeding

  • Birth debrief – to discuss your birth and any questions you may have in the following days / weeks. This includes but isn’t limited to a listening ear, sign posting to additional support / information / groups / services, reviewing birth notes, attending birth debriefs at hospital / with consultants or midwives if appropriate 

  • Food shops (to be paid for by you, receipts will be provided) 

  • Childcare for older children or simply holding your new baby so you can shower, have space, sleep, spend time with your other children or partner 

  • Accompanying you on outings with your baby or to post-natal / personal appointments



6 hours (3x 2hr 1:1 sessions) - £160

2 hour 1:1 session - £60

Add on 4 weeks of support postpartum via WhatsApp/Text to any package for £150 (for either the birthing person or partner)

This is for the birth partners. I see you, I hear you. Your role is incredibly important in the lead-up to, during and after the birth for both the birthing person and your baby and I really don’t want you to be forgotten about. This is happening to you too! 

Sometimes birth partners don’t receive the support they’d like and deserve and that’s how this package was created. We can cover a variety of topics and these can be tailored around you. This package is to be booked during pregnancy. I have listed some topics we can cover below, please bear in mind that this isn't an extensive list:

  • Your worries and anxieties around birth and postnatally 

  • How you can support the birth person both physically and emotionally 

  • Comfort techniques 

  • My favourite – The golden hour 

  • Postnatal tips and tricks 

These sessions are two hour sessions and can be in person over a tea or via Zoom.