Pronounced 'doo-lah' (I can't tell you how many times people have thought I've said I'm a Jeweller!)

I'm guessing you're on my site because you know what a Doula does and how they can support you and your family. If not then don't worry, you've come to the right page!

A Doula can help in so many ways...

Emotionally - offering a supportive, respectful and neutral listening ear. No judgement here! 

Physically - guidance on breath work, belly-wrapping and gentle massage techniques to begin during pregnancy which can be used during birth and postnatally. 

Knowledge is Power - pointing you in the right direction to source all information allowing you to ask the right questions and form a plan. There are lots of groups, centres, clubs, charities in Bristol that I can direct you to.

We all love a stat so take a look at these...

Having continued support during labour and postnatally birthing women and people experience: 

Labours shortened by 41 mins

31% decrease in birthing women/people being dissatisfied with their birth experience 

10% decrease in the use of any pain relief 

39% decrease in the risk of an unplanned/emergency cesarean birth

(Cochrane Review, 2017)